Flavours of Bali

Flavours of Bali

01 Dec 2016 Travel Tips

Welcome to our very first blog! We aim to keep our new blog fresh, fun and light hearted. We will all share our own thoughts and experiences for all things travel, so don’t be surprised if you learn a few tricks along the way.

I thought I would kick off with something I am passionate about – FOOD!

It’s not uncommon to find me snacking at my desk during the day. I love dining in, I love dining out, I love junk food (America, sigh), I love exotic fruits – ANYTHING. 

I travelled to Bali with family recently for the first time and the highlight of my ten days was the scrumptious and fresh food we ate. We literally made it our goal to find somewhere new and delicious every-day, which resulted in at least three big meals and many a café visited. So, please read my Top 5 places to eat all around Bali – I could have done ten but let’s keep it short and sweet! In no particular order;

Motel Mexicola – Seminyak 


For the young ones! This very funky restaurant has a nightclub vibe as strong as its cocktails (there was a few bucks’ parties/football groups there when we visited in an evening!) The general look of the place is like 1960’s Mexico meets retro Miami hotel, with some cheesy Mexican knick knacks thrown in. The food really takes you to Mexico (I know because I’ve been!) with modern takes on traditional Mexican cooking and street food, and even a tapas option if you are looking to share. Plenty to choose from, pulled pork, ribs and an array of seafood, all presented as tacos, enchiladas, tostadas and more. Bookings of an evening are pretty much essential so get in early.

Must try - Jaiba Suave Taco (soft shell crab, mango & chilli salsa, chipotle mayo)!


Fat Turtle – Seminyak

A MUST for breakfast - especially if you are heading out to Potato Head or Finn’s beach clubs for a big day! With the perfect combination of Brunch and Desserts, the menu will leave your mouth watering. Think Green Tea Churros, Cruffins (the cross mix between a muffin and a croissant!), pancakes and Nutella waffles.  We were so intrigued by the menu that we visited a few times! It’s only a very small café though so get up and in early to avoid missing out!

Must try – Red Velvet Waffles served with cream cheese mousse and honeycomb! 


Chandi – Seminyak

Ah, Chandi! Asian cuisine at its finest and (according to my better half) the BEST cocktails in all of Bali! Great location in “Eats Street” so you can wander around the (not-so-hectic) nightlife. So much fresh seafood, we couldn’t resist the seafood platters full of prawns, lobsters, oysters and mussels! There’s meat platters for those not fussed on fish. I think our favourite part about Chandi was that the bill was about a third of what we would have expected in Melbourne!

Must try – Vanilla Coconut Rumballa Cocktail – Coconut Sorbet, Lime and Rum, seriously delicious and refreshing! My partner Andrew literally started ordering this by the Jug and visited Chandi by himself, just for a Rumballa! 

La Laguna – Canggu​


Okay, so we didn’t actually eat a main meal here but we wish we had! It’s a little bit hard to find but well worth it when you do! A secluded rustic gypsy inspired bar situated beachfront in Canggu. There are plenty of photo opportunities amongst the gypsy caravans and plenty of little nooks to relax and sip your cocktails.  They specialize in tapas, cocktails and sunset parties!

Must try – Raspberry, Lime and Chilli Cocktail – and we are talking fresh ingredients! No cordial or post mix, watch out for the kick of the chilli! 


Spice by Chris Salans – Ubud

So we ventured up to very quiet Ubud for a few days before coming home and our food journey continued. We just happened to walk past this place and thought it looked “Alright” and were pleasantly surprised! A very laid back atmosphere and the staff were super friendly and fun. I was most amazed by the concept and creativity of the menu, a mix of Indonesian and Western styled foods with an emphasis on highlighting local ingredients and the underlying theme of spice! 

Must try – The Tuna, Salmon, Papaya and Black Rice Slider, and a fresh nutmeg margarita! 


My mouth is watering! Keep these in mind for your next Bali trip!






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