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Karen Hendrickson – Travel Consultant 

As of 2016, Karen is celebrating her 21st year within the travel industry! During those 21 years, Karen’s travel highlights have included the UK, Europe, India, China, Sri Lanka and more but there is no holiday she enjoys more than plonking somewhere (Anywhere!) in South-East Asia, reading her books and enjoying a cheap beer on her balcony!  As a travel consultant, Karen realises that her job is all about helping people plan their dream holiday, whether it includes multiple and bizarre destinations, budgets or time restrictions - she loves the satisfaction of knowing everything is done well! That’s what customer service is all about!

Favourite Destination: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ireland or any country that is rich in culture!
Next Holiday: Hopefully Myanmar with a side trip to Nepal!
Best Travel Tip: For peace of mind, always use a travel agent – we’ve got your back! 

Rebecca (Bec) Dewhirst – Travel Consultant 

With a long work history in customer service, Bec was handpicked by Karen for her attention to detail and thoroughness! Bec enjoys the brainwork and challenge of planning a new itinerary and as she would say “Putting all the pieces of the puzzle together!”. Bec likes to know that her clients have a seamless, stress-free holiday - as that is what she’s all about! Our resident Ocean Cruise Queen, Bec’s travels have taken her many tropical destinations in the Pacific such as Fiji, The Cook Islands, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Hawaii!
Favourite Destination: Thailand, Vietnam and Hawaii!
Next Holiday: Thailand (For the 4th time!) with a quick stopover in Kuala Lumpur! Then, later in the year, Oman!
Best Travel Tip: Always pack a universal adapter, phone charger and some aussie cash! 

Madeline (Maddy) Collicoat – Travel Consultant

Whilst studying Graphic Design at University, Maddy travelled on her very first overseas trip, solo, with Contiki to the United States. After finishing university, Maddy had a career change and bugged the girls until they gave in and gave her a job! Maddy has a passion for travel and geography and loves learning about new and interesting destinations whilst planning new holidays. As a travel consultant, Maddy is a strong believer in coach touring and encouraging the younger generation to catch the bug, even if it means going solo! 

Favourite Destination: USA (in particular New York City, Vegas and Memphis) and Mexico.
Next Holiday: Quick weekend away to Singapore!
Best Travel Tip: Don’t be afraid to go solo – Just go! You’ll have just as much fun! 

Amanda Ratcliffe – Travel Consultant 

Amanda has been a travel consultant for 20 years, and has travelled extensively throughout that time. One particular highlight was experiencing the Christmas Markets whilst on a UniWorld River Cruise through Europe!  These days, being a mum of two, Amanda’s travel plans are more family orientated. Being a travel consultant, Amanda loves that every day brings something different and she really enjoys the challenge of a destination that she has never sold before! However, the best part for Amanda is that people are so happy when they come into the office, as everyone loves booking a holiday!

Favourite Destination: Mauritius
Next Holiday: USA – Back to Disneyland!
Best Travel Tip: Pack your case, then remove half! 

Sophie Currie – Travel Consultant 

Our newbie, Sophie was asked to join our team in April, 2016. Sophie caught our eye when she was a young, enthusiastic client booking her first ever holiday to Thailand. Sophie has a background in customer service but is brand new to the travel industry. She’s very excited to learn new things and take on any enquiries thrown her way!

Favourite Destination: Thailand – I love the climate, the shopping, the resorts and the people!
Next Holiday: Hopefully Singapore.
Best Travel Tip: Always plan ahead and make the most of pay/stay deals! 

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